Hand+made Party Information

Hey there! Welcome to the Hand+made Party Information Page! This is where you can find all of the details and instructions needed to book your event at Hand+made!

If you are interested in booking a birthday party, office party, or any type of event at Hand+made, you can call us at 601-342-8232 and ask to speak to a manager or shift leader. Our team is great with giving any kind of details over the phone! They can help you plan your event by discussing what day and time works best for you, what type of project and price range you are interested in, or what to bring on the big day!

We do not require any party deposit for events that will take place during business hours, which are Monday - Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 1-4. However, if you wish for your event to take place after business hours (6-8p.m.), we do require a $50 party deposit. 

For both adult and children's parties, we usually allow each person to choose their own project off of the DIY project wall. Children's parties are a little different because the parent hosting usually has a price range that they want to stay in. Our staff is great with managing which projects are in those price ranges so that you do not have to worry about going over budget. 

You are allowed to bring in food and drinks. *Please No Alcohol

Hand+made Managers

Brooke Zugg - General Manager

Haley Walters - Assistant Manager